Can you reinvent fire?

This is the story of SKOTTI - the world's most flexible gas grill.

It's the year 2017: Christian Battel has just turned 40. He studied sports and runs "Busicare", a successful fitness and health company in Meerbusch. But Chris is also what you call an outdoorsman. He loves nature and spends every free minute with his family in forests and at lakes. 

Developed out of love for nature

As a passionate fisherman, Chris prefers to enjoy the fish he catches as fresh as possible - so sometimes he quickly sets up a fireplace to immediately grill what he's been catching. Just as quickly as he grills though, Chris also makes the acquaintance of the public order police in Germany. "In no time at all, I knew all the officials of the city of Meerbusch personally," Chris laughs. "Open fires in nature are rightfully only allowed under certain conditions. So I had to reinvent fire somehow." 

Chris doing what he loves most: fishing!

The world's most flexible plug-in gas grill

What the officials probably didn't realize was that they were the impetus for a development that is unique in the entire world: SKOTTI - the world's first plug-in gas grill.
Chris knew: "I need a grill that I can take along everywhere". One that fits in a backpack, is mobile and can be used in all conditions. One that's also safe for the environment and, of course, generates a lot of heat. "So I did some research but couldn't find anything that met my requirements." That's when Chris decided: "I'll build the grill myself."
"Mom, where's Dad?" "Check the cabin!"
With Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the success story began in a garage - Chris tinkered with the "portable gas grill" project in a homemade wooden hut in his backyard. He tried out different solutions for hours and even days, often forgetting the time. The first idea for a plug-in gas grill was born in April 2017. In April 2018, after just under 14 prototypes, the time had come: light, indestructible and flexible - The SKOTTI was born. And the children had their father back... .
The cabin in the backyard where it all started...

Safety first

To bring the SKOTTI to life, however, there were still a few hurdles that Chris had to overcome. One that was and is particularly close to his heart: Is my product safe? So SKOTTI was put through its paces by the DVGW, and maybe a few steaks in between. But seriously: The testers of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water are considered to be very strict - just right for Chris' demands. Eventually, the SKOTTI received all certifications without any problems.

Why is the grill actually called SKOTTI?

The grill was ready, approved and patented. What was missing was a name to make the grill a household name. Since Chris grew up on a farm and always had many animals around him, the name of one of his former dogs came to mind: "SKOTTI was a faithful companion whom I loved very much. He was always by my side and I could always rely on him. Qualities that the SKOTTI grill also fully meets."
One of the first prototypes in a live testing environment!

The story of SKOTTI is just beginning 

The first 3,000 SKOTTIS produced turned into well over 100,000 units sold over time. In 2019, SKOTTI won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category for its multifunctionality, design, plug-in system, and innovation of a lightweight, portable, yet high-quality grill. 
A lot has happened since then: With his company VENNSKAP (Norwegian for friendship), Chris develops well-designed and multifunctional products and accessories, all designed to expand the possibilities of Skotti for all kinds of outdoor adventures for a lifetime. Whether it's grilling, cooking, smoking or baking, those who travel with SKOTTI have a fully functional mobile outdoor kitchen with them. So you can experience unforgettable meals at the most beautiful places in the world at any time. 

SKOTTI discovers the world 

After Germany, SKOTTI has now arrived in many parts of Europe and is literally in hot demand. And even across the pond, people are just getting to know how mobile barbecue can be. So the story of SKOTTI continues worldwide... 
Or as our team would say..."Keep grilling!"
The SKOTTI team at work...unfortunately, it doesn't always look like this:-)